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Sophia Thomas voicing the animated short, “Why are There Robots?”

created by Dan Wilson (as Professor Linda & Jellybean )

Professor Linda (2:11-2:23), (4:36-4:45)
Mini Dr. Dan (3:06)
Jellybean (3:13), (3:37-40), (4:18), (4:49-4:50)


Watch : (Click on image) VO  (all voices including the parrot!)

Under Armour VO


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Sophia is definitely one of our favorite voice talents to work with. She is extremely talented, has a wide range, and a very bright smile. These three traits consistently lead to very efficient and pleasurable experiences, and most importantly, keep our clients happy.–Sean McGovern, Executive Producer/ANTFOOD

Sophia is a wonderful actress. She is a true professional: skilled…with a convincing vulnerability…She is a giving soul on the set and in life. –Sean Harris


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